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Dr. Zhong published more than ten books. Three of them are in English. They are all in

1. Dr. Zhong’s Pediatric Essentials. This is a NEW book at Amazon.comClick to Purchase

I have read most of the TCM classics in Chinese and current TCM pediatrics works in English. I feel there are not many works that broadly and deeply introduce TCM pediatrics in theory and practice. This is why I have spent the last seven years writing this book. In this book, we do our best to introduce TCM pediatrics integrating the following:

(1) Classical theory and clinical experience of TCM pediatrics.
(2) Theory of the classics, current TCM and Western medical science.
(3) Classic diseases as well as modern diseases that have occurred in recent years. Emphasis was put on the classic diseases, but we will explore modern diseases and how they pertain to TCM pediatric theory.
(4) Treatment and prevention of disease.
(5) Treatments using medication and non-drug therapies.
Classical TCM therapy is introduced, while traditional non-drug therapies, such as acupuncture, Tuina, topical therapy and the author’s experience also are introduced.

2. Test Prep Workbook for the NCCAOM Bio-medicine Module Click Here

3. Test Prep Workbook for Basic TCM Theory Click Here