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Cupping West Houston

Cupping West Houston

Our cups can heal.

  • Cupping West HoustonCupping therapy is typically used for different types of pain, common colds and viruses, inflammatory conditions, blood flow problems, relaxation and well-being, and finally as a type of deep tissue massage.
  • Cupping therapy is one of the earliest therapeutic modalities of Oriental Medicine (OM).
  • First written about in the fourth century A.D., early cups were made from hollowed out animal horns and bamboo.
  • Today, bamboo cups are still widely used as well as cups made from glass, plastic, and silicon.
  • Traditionally, the air inside the cups is heated and then the cup is placed on the skin creating a temporary vacuum.
  • The skin is then drawn up into the cup as an effect of the vacuum.
  • The marks are temporary and are usually gone in a few days.
  • Drinking water after cupping will flush out the toxins that have been brought to the surface.

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    In the search to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain, many individuals turn toward alternative methods of therapy for relief. Some techniques, such as cupping therapy, are ancient in origin but still relevant in practice today.

    If you are searching for relief from pain or want added relaxation to your massage in West Houston, cupping is an excellent option. Not only can it enhance your experience, but it has the potential to take your healing process to the next level.

    The Cupping Process in West Houston

    Modern cupping techniques combine ancient methods with modern studies for the ultimate in elevated healing practices. Incorporating cupping therapy in massage has many benefits. Including:

    • A provided sense of relief
    • Healing and regeneration
    • A boost in circulation
    • Rebuilding elasticity
    • Reduction in inflammation

    During the cupping massage process, heat is applied to a cup that is placed on the skin of the treatment area. As the cup cools down, it creates a vacuum of air that suctions the cup to the skin. Depending on the type of cupping you are receiving, the cups might be left in place for several minutes, or in the case of silicone cups, they might be moved around the treatment area while remaining suctioned.

    While some practices use suction pumps rather than heat, regardless of the method, it is important to review the process of the individual practice before committing.

    How Can Cupping Heal?

    The idea behind cupping is that by drawing the skin into a vacuumed state, blood flow and circulation are stimulated. Cups can also be applied to points of acupressure which can affect parts of the body away from the primary treatment area.

    An increase in circulation can:

    • Increase cell regrowth in the connective tissues
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Draw toxins to the surface
    • Decrease muscle tension in the muscles surrounding the treatment areas
    • Be incorporated into a massage section for additional relaxation

    Who Should Try Cupping in Your West Houston Clinic? 

    Individuals have reported many benefits and condition improvements after the use of cupping therapy. Whether you are trying to treat an acute or chronic condition, or want to add a deep tissue element to your massage, cupping might be a good solution for your problem.

    • Muscle aches and pains
    • Inflammatory conditions
    • Blood flow issues
    • Depression or anxiety
    • Common cold relief

    Although this technique is not guaranteed to cure a specific medical problem, many clients report relief of symptoms and choose to make cupping a regular part of their wellness routine. If you fall into certain demographics or medical condition categories, cupping might not be recommended. Some examples include:

    • Young children
    • Seniors
    • Pregnant individuals
    • Those taking certain medications

    Cupping Therapy in West Houston

    If you are interested in learning more about cupping to gain relief from a particular issue or add it in your deep tissue massage, Eastern Balance Oriental can help! Our team of staff is dedicated to finding solutions to community health problems and individual wellness. Using the ancient healing arts of cupping massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping, and more, we can begin the process of healing your body as a natural, whole system. Contact us today!