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Dear Dr. Gong,

Since i have been seeing Dr. Ellen Gong my health has improved dramatically. But not only that my overall health and well being has improved. Acupuncture is not just about your health. it takes into consideration your work life, your home life, family life, life balance which includes all three and top put it simply your mind, body and spirit being in tune with the universe and the overall health of all three combined. if one of these factors is not in good health believe it or not you will suffer in some way because your body will exhibit symptoms. Acupuncture aligns and balances all three factors with good diet, exercise, good rest, removing stress and negative energies from your life (ying) and improving and strengthening the positive energy in your life (yang) thereby ensuring your (Life Balance) is functioning properly and in place which contributes to your overall well being. Dr. Gong has the compassion and caring spirit to take the time to explain this to her patients and genuinely cares about each and every one of her patients. trust me you will see this when you place yourself under her care. I am 60 years old and people tell me all the time i look like i am in my late 40’s and early 50’s and am starting to look even younger through her weight loss treatment. i can’t say Im done with Western Medicine but have been using alternative, holistic and chinese herbal medicine and formulas for over 20 years and if you saw me you would see a living, breathing, walking example of the benefits. And the best part is my United Health Care insurance covers it! Not only will you not be disappointed but if you combine Martial Arts, Tai chi and Far eastern philosophy teachings with her treatments you will live well beyond your life expectancy using her treatments, recommendations and teachings! Happy Life = Long Life! May you all be blessed!



“I first began seeing Dr. Ellen when I developed a frozen shoulder and my Western doctor recommended that I just wait it out (12-18 months) or see a surgeon. Because Ellen looks at the body differently than Western practitioners, she was able to treat the condition and help me regain the use of my arm more quickly. Seeking and treating the source of a problem, rather than tolerating or medicating the symptoms, is a refreshing approach to medicine.”

Paula K.

Dear Dr. Zhong,

I just wanted to write you a letter thanking you for your kindness, support and wisdom. My daughter-in-law is attending ACAOM where you are teaching and she kept insisting that I come to the school’s clinic for treatment of my knee pain. I was and still am very afraid of any kind of needles, but the amount of pain that I was experiencing out weighed my fear of needles. Not only was the pain in both knees resolved, but also the pain in my left shoulder and neck. I never mentioned the shoulder pain and neck pain because I just assumed they were due to the aches and pains of aging. When you first prescribed herbal granules in addition to the acupuncture, I didn’t like the taste of them because it tasted quite unusual. As I kept taking them, I began to appreciate their earthy taste and now I am an expert in taking herbs. It has been almost one year since I finished my therapy for my knee pain and I’m still pain free. My husband now says that I hop up and down the stairs and my daughter-in-law tells me to stop running down the stairs and to hold on to the rail. Before I began treatment for the knee pain, I was about to give up going up stairs because I was having great difficulty and pain lifting my legs onto each of the fifteen stairs.

I also want to thank you for treating me for my most recent condition. I had my annual well-woman check-up in May of this year. My regular doctor saw several questionable spots inside my vagina and sent me to a gynecologist for diagnosis. The gynecologist couldn’t diagnose what the questionable areas were, and decided to take a biopsy of two areas (in June) and sent it to a pathologist for diagnosis. The diagnosis came back as: mild to focal moderate squamous dysplasia (VIN I-II) in a background of florid chronic inflammation. As usual, my daughter-in-law insisted that I come to see you as soon as she saw the pathologist’s report. You prescribed me herbal granules and I took them faithfully every day. My regular doctor and gynecologist were located in a city close to where we used to live and I didn’t want to keep driving so far. I found a gynecologist in town (late July) and she didn’t know what those spots were either. She sent me to a gynecological oncologist at M.D. Anderson so that he could perform a special test called a vinegar drape to determine the stage of dysplasia. It took 3 weeks to get an appoint to do the test. By the time I went to see the oncologist, I had been taking the herbal prescription faithfully every day for about two and a half months. When he examined me, he couldn’t see any suspicious areas and commented that my new gynecologist must have over exaggerated the circumstance. He performed the vinegar drape despite the fact that there were no visible areas of abnormality. No cells reacted with the vinegar, which indicated that all cells were normal. I told my new gynecologist and the oncologist that I was taking herbal medicine, but I think they didn’t hear me or pay attention. I know that it was your prescription and my determination to treat my condition as naturally as possible is what made the cells return to their normal state. You warned me that it would take a long time to treat and cure my condition, but in my book, two and a half months was very short. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom, and offering me hope and an alternative treatment to western medicine. I dread going to see the doctor for any condition, but I always enjoy coming to see you when I need medical assistance. You are always very kind and gentle and I know that you really care about your patients. Thank you for everything.


“I’ve been working with Dr. Gong and her staff for close to 10 years and have nothing but praise and admiration for what she has accomplished over that time with me and with others I have sent her way. In addition to healing me of “frozen shoulder” that my primary care doctor said required surgery, Dr. Gong has also relieved me of constant back pain, improved my white blood count and worked with me to improve the way I handle stress. I’ve found her as helpful with the spiritual and emotional healing as I have with the physical body healing. I think the greatest sign of respect for any business owner is a referral and continue to refer and recommend Dr. Gong to as many people who are willing to listen and be open-minded to a different way of healing. I would strongly encourage anyone to give TCM and Dr. Gong a try before you submit to medications and certainly before any major surgery!”

Alan S.

“One year ago, at 53 years of age, I developed severe psoriasis. No one in my family has psoriasis and when mine developed it began with one spot and soon spread to my whole body. After three visits to a dermatologist, each time entering a worse stage in the onslaught of the disease, I was told I needed to begin internal medication as well as some light therapy. Each medical option came with scary risks causing me to wonder and fear that route. I was covered from neck to feet in rashes with sores on my feet and palms that became very painful. Through church friends I knew of an acupuncturist who had helped others with different problems. I set up an appointment with Dr. Gong at Eastern Balance on 20th street. Within a month my chest cleared and spots on my outer extremities began to fade. My body began to heal itself without the dangerous drugs and side effects. I now have a new lease on life. Today the psoriasis is gone with the exception of the spot it began which is almost gone. I am very grateful for Eastern Balance and the work Dr. Gong and her staff does to help people heal. I myself felt lost with no options until beginning treatments at the Eastern Balance clinic.”

Dana G.

“My blood pressure readings this morning were 113/66 and 68 beats per minute. When my readings were not only very high, but also irregular. I was told that I would have to take prescription medications for the rest of my life. The doctor even sent instructions to the pharmacy for a drug that has many harsh side-effects. the strength of the drug would be increased periodically. I never took the pills. Instead sought relief through acupuncture. I will always be so grateful that Dr. Gong took the time and had the patience to work with me to bring my readings to such healthy numbers. I know it was not easy to cope with my actual physical needs while also addressing my stress levels; but she did so beautifully – all the while reminding me how to use my mind to calm and control the stress. Over the past years, numerous pains and problems have been healed and solved, including a severe shoulder injury, recurring back pain, and foot problems. Thank you all for such care and guidance. It works every time!”

Delores M.

Dr. Gong,

I cannot believe how you have been able to help me. You’re amazing! Could you please post this so others may be helped. A little over a month ago I was hospitalized three times with high blood pressure of 190/98. Accompanying the high blood pressure was tightness around my chest and numbness on the left side of my face, shoulder and arm. I thought I was close to dying. After many tests the doctors said I was fine, but I was to stay on blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. Even with the medicine my blood pressure was still high and I felt horrible. I was on the verge of going into the hospital for the fourth time. One of my doctors recommended that I see you as soon as possible. Not being familiar with acupuncture I was hesitant, but I was desperate so I called for an appointment. I’m so thankful that I did because it was a life-changing decision and experience! When I came to you my blood pressure was 162/75. Within a week it came down to the 140/72 range and slowly over a month has come down, without drugs, to the 120/70 range. Unbelievable! And I’m feeling so much better. All this with acupuncture, herbal remedies, NO drugs and an extremely skilled practitioner.

In addition, you have graciously educated me on the correct principles of establishing good health. I feel like I have personally found a gold mine of health in one caring, educating and gifted doctor. Although I would like to keep you all for myself I feel compelled to let others know how you have helped me through a tragic and life-threatening situation. I firmly believe you have saved my life. For this I thank you.


“I don’t have allergy anymore. My allergy symptoms have been eliminated with acupuncture and Chinese herbal tea in Dr. Gong’s clinic. For many years, I took allergy shots or anti-histamines and no longer need them.”


A patient who was treated by acupuncture in Eastern Balance clinic got significant result. She wrote an article about her treatment experience that was published at a professional magazine, Jan/Feb, 2010 of SAVVY & SAGE. Read the complete article at

“I would like to express my greatest gratitude for the care and kindness that you provided to me when visiting your clinic. When I came to you I was experiencing much fear and frustration after receiving a positive result for H. pylori bacteria from my annual checkup. My primary care physician prescribed to me a very strong antibiotic prescription for treatment which I refused to take in order to avoid side effects and antibacterial resistance. I wanted to take an alternative approach, one that would be gentle on my stomach, while also powerful and effective. I’ve always had confidence in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have whenever possible looked to it as a first line of treatment for health problems. This time, however, I had a little bit of doubt in herbal treatment at first since I was unsure if there were any particular and strong herbs that would be able to completely eradicate the bacteria out of my system in a short period of time. With your boundless knowledge and experience, you had reassured me that there are some wonderful herbal formulas that were capable of treating the bacteria and virus. I completely trusted in your professional expertise and gave it a try. I have never been so impressed with the treatment results that I received. Within a month of receiving your treatment of both acupuncture and herbal formulas, I have re-tested again and found that my system was now negative for H. pylori from the results! I am very happy with the outcome and I am glad that I came to you for your professional treatment and care. I’ve personally learned and witnessed many great benefits and gained much appreciation through this experience.”

Thank you,


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