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Acupuncture Pre and Post-Surgery

The Doctors at Eastern Balance Oriental Medicine focus on improving our patients’ overall way of life and well-being. Patients have been exposed to a wide variety of treatments and medications for severe trauma without any significate improvements. Acupuncture has been shown to help patients’ pre-surgery (facilitate a speedy recovery), post-surgery (maintaining the body’s chi), and also as an alternative to surgery (preventing further trauma). Case studies have shown positive healing results for patients’ post-surgery, treating both pain and range of motion while using the treatment plans provided in our office. For example, a patient came in for treatment post wrist injury/surgery with many side effects as a result of inadequate care and high dose prescriptions. The poor care received resulted in numerous body imbalances (gastric abnormalities, heartburn, cramping, unexplained swelling, weight gain, and immense pain over time). By concentrating on the Shao Yang and Yang Ming channels paired with a patient specific herbal prescription, the patient was able to see lasting improvements. Our Eastern Medicine approach was able to help the patient avoid a second surgery, heal the initial trauma, as well as the symptoms that developed post-surgery after about 2 weeks of treatments. The patient’s way of life has been dramatically elevated due to the personalized treatment the doctors are able to provide here at Eastern Balance Oriental Medicine. Are you ready to take the first step toward long-lasting healing? Contant us today.