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Dr. Ellen Gong, L.Ac., M.D. (China)

Dr. Ellen Gong, L.Ac., M.D. (China)

Dr. Gong has been a licensed acupuncturist in the U.S. since 2002. However, she started her journey to becoming a healer at the Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese medicine, in China. Just after her graduation in 1997, Dr. Gong, started an apprenticeship with Dr. Huang Jia Zhao (Dr. Zhao won the Outstanding Doctor’s award from the People’s Republic of China). Then upon her arrival in the United States she continued apprenticing, but this time with Master Ray Luk, L.Ac. (3rd Generation Master of Wu style Tai Qi). Both of her mentors are well read and trained in Eastern healing philosophy and Daoist philosophy. Both of which have greatly influenced Dr. Gong’s appreciation and use of Qi Gong and other meditative techniques in her clinical practice.

Dr. Gong is a proponent of the Five Element school of thought when it comes to diagnostic theory and treatment protocols. This framework has allowed Dr. Gong to successfully help thousands of people over the past fifteen years. Through her clinical practice, she has also observed how the rapid urban American lifestyle affects her patients. This non-stop schedule of work, events, family, etc. results in an imbalance to the normal energy flow; this imbalance can be seen in a wide range of symptoms like: chronic pain, insomnia, thyroid dysfunction, impairment of mental function (i.e. brain fog, panic attacks, or anxiety).

If you have some of the previously mentioned symptoms, or any other condition that concerns you; Dr. Gong invites you to join her in an acupuncture session that becomes a guiding meditation, leading you back to the balance of Nature.