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My blood pressure and all body health are improved

My blood pressure and all body health are improved

Dear Dr. Gong,

Since i have been seeing Dr. Ellen Gong my health has improved dramatically. But not only that my overall health and well being has improved. Acupuncture is not just about your health. it takes into consideration your work life, your home life, family life, life balance which includes all three and top put it simply your mind, body and spirit being in tune with the universe and the overall health of all three combined. if one of these factors is not in good health believe it or not you will suffer in some way because your body will exhibit symptoms. Acupuncture aligns and balances all three factors with good diet, exercise, good rest, removing stress and negative energies from your life (ying) and improving and strengthening the positive energy in your life (yang) thereby ensuring your (Life Balance) is functioning properly and in place which contributes to your overall well being. Dr. Gong has the compassion and caring spirit to take the time to explain this to her patients and genuinely cares about each and every one of her patients. trust me you will see this when you place yourself under her care. I am 60 years old and people tell me all the time i look like i am in my late 40’s and early 50’s and am starting to look even younger through her weight loss treatment. i can’t say Im done with Western Medicine but have been using alternative, holistic and chinese herbal medicine and formulas for over 20 years and if you saw me you would see a living, breathing, walking example of the benefits. And the best part is my United Health Care insurance covers it! Not only will you not be disappointed but if you combine Martial Arts, Tai chi and Far eastern philosophy teachings with her treatments you will live well beyond your life expectancy using her treatments, recommendations and teachings! Happy Life = Long Life! May you all be blessed!